Welcome to Orchestra at UWaterloo

Orchestra concert.

Welcome to orchestra@uwaterloo, the instrumental ensemble open to students, staff, faculty and alumni. UWaterloo students can earn credit for participation in the orchestra. In Spring 2022, the orchestra will be in person, including strings, percussion, and wind instruments. See Ensembles page for details.

Are you interested in live classical music? Come to our free concerts on campus. You can get notices about upcoming concerts by joining our mailing list or checking the Events webpage.

Do you play an instrument? Find out how you can join the orchestra, or read about our concerto and aria competition if you have solo aspirations.

Feel free to look around! You can listen to some of our recordings, or read about the orchestra and our music director Daniel Warren.

We keep links to other music groups on campus and beyond.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Orchestra still online in Winter 2021

Due to the continuing Coronavirus situation, the orchestra@uwaterloo will continue to be offered online in the Integrated Instrumental Music Ensemble format.  It is a great way to connect with other musicians, and you can participate from outside of Waterloo. See Ensemble Webpage for for information.