smiling staff member wearing Here to Help button

During the first few weeks of each term, faculty, staff, and student volunteers are encouraged to wear a Here to Help button. Wearing a button symbolizes your knowledge of campus amenities, awareness of student resources, and your willingness to help a student if they need assistance.

Whether a new incoming undergraduate, transfer, exchange, international, or returning upper-year student, the first few weeks of the term can be challenging. Seeing people around campus wearing Here to Help buttons helps students to feel welcomed and supported. 

Campus resources

Occasionally, students may come to you with questions outside of your field of expertise. We've pulled together the following list of campus resources to make it easier for you to point students to the information they may need.

Looking for something else?

If you're unable to find an appropriate resource for a student, encourage them to contact the Student Success Office for additional information about on-campus support services.