Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Yasin Hosseinkhani, Ph.D.
  • Ahmet Okyay, Ph.D.

PhD Students

  • Ahmet Okyay, Ph.D. (Mechatronic Design, Dynamics, Controls, and Metrology of a Long-Stroke Linear Nano-Positioner)
  • Ammar Alzaydi, Ph.D. (5-Axis Trajectory Optimization for On-the-Fly Laser Drilling)
  • Yasin Hosseinkhani, Ph.D. (Modelling and Control of Ball-Screw Drives)
  • Amin Kamalzadeh, Ph.D. (Ball Screw Drive Control)

Masters Students

  • Jason Zeng, M.A.Sc. (Damping and Suppression of Vibrations)

  • Ginette Tseng​, M.A.Sc. (Rapid identification techniques for 3 and 5 axis virtual cnc drives)

  • Christina Chen, M.A.Sc. (3 and 5 axis trajectory optimization on CNC machines)
  • Andrew Katz, M.A.Sc. (Cutting Mechanics of the Gear Shaping Process)
  • Ted Vasilopoulos, M.A.Sc. (5-Axis Machining of Tissue-Engineered Bone Implants)
  • Dan Gordon, M.A.Sc. (Ball Screw Drive Control)
  • Jeff Gorniak, M.A.Sc. (Ultra Precision Machine Design)
  • Dayna Chan, M.A.Sc. (Printing-Integrated Manufacturing)
  • Amir Rouzrokh, M.A.Sc. (5-Axis Machining of Tissue-Engineered Bone Implants)
  • Christina Wei, M.A.Sc. (Manufacture of Bone Implants)
  • Wilson Wong, M.A.Sc. (Rapid Identification of Virtual CNC Models)
  • Michele Heng, M.A.Sc. (NURBS Trajectory Optimization)

Visiting Students

  • Gijs Siebers, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Rens Slenders, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Matthijs van der Burgh, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Patrick Bevers, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Chiel Kengen, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Niels van Tuijl, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Martin Cornelis, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (TU Eindhoven​)
  • Stefanie Apprich, Visiting Ph.D. Student (U Stuttgart​)
  • Benjamin Schuler, Visiting M.A.Sc. Student (Adaptive High-Speed Point-to-Point Motion Generation for 5-Axis Laser Drilling) (U Stuttgart)

Visiting Scholars

  • Xavier Beudaert, Ph.D. (IK4-Ideko)
  • Iker Mancisidor, Ph.D. (IK4-Ideko)

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