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What is the likelihood of campus opening this fall? And do we defer our offer if it does?

Starting September, we will continue to deliver all large courses online although we hope some elements such as clinical programs, labs or tutorials will be available in person. Though the COVID-19 situation may change throughout the term, all large classes will stay online throughout fall term. 
We are working on a plan for some activity to happen in-person, if the conditions allow. This could mean clinical programs, smaller undergraduate classes or seminars and research-based graduate students working in labs. Any in-person activity will meet strict guidelines for physical distancing and other public health requirements. 

Faculties and departments are working on contingency plans to allow students to complete their programs as efficiently as possible. 

For more information on Fall 2020, please visit: 

If you’re unable to begin your university studies in September, you can request a deferral. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. 

  • For most programs, you can request a deferral of your studies to January, May, or September 2021. 

  • Exceptions

    • Programs in the Faculty of Mathematics will allow a limited number of deferrals if you wish to start your studies in January 2021 or May 2021. Deferrals to September 2021 are not available for math programs but you could re-apply for admission through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre starting in October.

    • If you've been admitted to BASE, you can request a deferral to September 2021 only. 

For more information, please see our webpage on deferring an offer of admission