Welcome, recent engineering alumni!

We are so excited to welcome you to the alumni club at Waterloo Engineering! We are a close network, and we don’t want that to change just because you have left campus. The people you met and the things you were involved in are important and will take you far. Let’s stay connected as recent alumni to continue building our community and culture of connection to fellow alumni and current students - all while showing the world how excellent Waterloo engineers are.

There are several ways for you to stay connected through events, our blog, volunteering, and supporting current students during their time on campus. We hope to see you soon.

Recent Engineering Alumni Council

The Recent Engineering Alumni Council consists of Waterloo Engineering alumni, selected to maintain a support infrastructure for young alumni (graduates of the last decade), promote a lasting community of Waterloo Engineering alumni, and support our current engineering students. They work to support the strategy, design, and implementation of our young alumni program at Waterloo Engineering. Their work is focused on three main areas: events, giving back and communications, all with the goal of fostering a strong, well-connected student and alumni community.

We are currently recruiting for next year’s Council which will kick off in June 2023.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

Facing Career Changes [Virtual Event]

Waterloo Engineering Alumni Kimberley Kadour (BASc ‘00) and Megan Walker (BASc ‘13) join the Recent Engineering Alumni Council for a round table discussion about their experiences exploring different professional career paths. 

Hello friends, we are back again with another blog post! We have something a little bit different this time: an interview with a recent alumni and one of our very own Recent Engineering Alumni Council Members, Sarah Mostowich!

Through this interview, we hope readers can gain a better sense of the different paths that UWaterloo Engineering alumni can take as well as how to navigate career changes and the transitions from school into the adult working world. This interview will serve as the pilot for a new project highlighting the work of recent alumni and the interesting paths that their lives have taken!

We chat about some of Sarah’s favourite hobbies and thoughts on graduation, her involvement with the COVID-19 pandemic response in Canada, and her current work as a founder and partner of the consulting firm NorthGuide!

Welcome to your latest guide to cashing in on all the perks of being a UWaterloo alumni! Whether you’re a recent grad grappling through pandemic times (are we post-pandemic yet?) or a seasoned professional looking to reminisce, this guide will show you all the ways to reconnect, find new adventures, and learn useful skills (especially if you’re on a budget). If you have ideas on what else you’d like to see in this guide as you’re perusing, stay tuned for a poll coming out in a couple weeks where you can add suggestions or go ahead and leave a comment down below.