Add to your calendar

To add the Relativistic Quantum Information North (RQI-N) conference to your calendar, follow the instructions below. It is recommended that you use iCal or Outlook Online.

iCal on OSX

To subscribe to this calendar in iCal on OSX, simply download the calendar subscription.

Updates should appear within ten minutes of changes to the RQI-N 2016 Schedule. Note that if you use Microsoft Outlook on OSX, adding calendar subscriptions isn't supported within Outlook. 

Outlook Online

  1. To subscribe to this calendar in Outlook Online, log in to Outlook Online and go to the calendar interface.
  2. Click import on the top banner, then subscribe on the left side of the screen.
  3. Paste the url and name your calendar.
  4. Click subscribe.

The calendar events will then show up in your calendar, both in Outlook Online and in the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. Note that via this method it could take up to 24 hours for updates to appear in your calendar when changes are made to the RQI-N 2016 Schedule.

Mobile device

To subscribe via a mobile device, simply click here and your phone should take care of the rest.