Seventh annual RQI-N Conference

Registration for the Relativistic Quantum Information North (RQI-N) Conference is now closed.

The Relativistic Quantum Information North (RQI-N) Conference, hosted by and held in the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), will bring together an interdisciplinary community of researchers at the interface of quantum information science and relativity.

RQI-N conferences have been the single most important platform in the field of relativistic quantum information. This field has recently received much attention for a series of breakthroughs in applying the methods of quantum information to fully relativistic field theory. Conversely, the design of new methods in quantum information science has been inspired by the tools developed to study the flow of information in the context of relativity.

Topics of this year's conference

  • Relativistic effects in quantum information theory and quantum information processing
  • Quantum information and black holes
  • Tests of quantum foundations and quantum information in gravitational fields
  • Recent progress in more fundamental topics such as relativistic loopholes in Bell tests, gravitational decoherence and the black hole information loss problem
  • Quantum optics
  • Implementations in optomechanical resonators, superconducting circuits, and static and dynamical Casimir effect

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