Christine Logel

Associate Professor

Professor Christine Logel


  • CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow, Chronic Disease Prevention, University of Waterloo
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
  • PhD Social Psychology, University of Waterloo
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Applied Studies Co-op, University of Waterloo

Field of study or research:

Dr. Logel investigates basic social psychological concepts and how they might be applied to help solve social problems.

In one program of research, she examines the role of social psychological processes in physical health. In two intervention studies, she shows that guiding participants to affirm their self-integrity leads to measurable physical health benefits two months later. In another program of research, she investigates, and then seeks ways to alleviate, social psychological barriers to the success and representation of negatively stereotyped minorities, most often women in male-dominated fields.


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 *Noted that Logel and Jordan contributed equally.

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Awarded 2013-2014: Renison Research Grant, (PI), $1000.

Awarded 2012-2017: SSHRC Insight Grant: An intervention to improve women’s engineering achievement.” (Co-PI), $224,148

Awarded 2010-2013: SSHRC Standard Research Grant: An intervention to reduce stereotype threat and improve women’s representation and achievement in engineering. (PI), $70,209

Awarded 2008-2010: Waterloo Center for the Advancement of Co-operative Education: Testing the co-op stigmatization inoculation hypothesis, (PI), $26,542.

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