ECE 700 T6





Project #15: Antenna Measurements

The goal of this course project is to familiarize students with antenna concepts that affect the performance of wireless devices. The students will learn how to perform basic antenna measurements in an anechoic chamber. The students will then need to propose a setup that characterizes/demonstrates the properties of an antenna system and provide detailed material to explain these properties. These properties include (but are not limited to) impedance, efficiency, frequency of operation, bandwidth, gain, polarization, beam width, RCS, MIMO performance. Students will be encouraged to use their report towards an international competition organized by the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (note: a team from UW won the competition in 2016).

Project #16: Antenna Design for the Internet of Things

The goal of this course project is to empower students with antenna design skills to meet the increasing demand for custom wireless internet of things (IoT) devices. The students will decide upon a given IoT application. The students will then use a conceptual CAD model for the IoT device and utilize numerical computer aided design tools to design a suitable antenna solution.

Project #17: Building a Radar System

The goal of this course project is to help students understand basic radar concepts. The course spans topics of applied electromagnetics, antennas, RF design, analog circuits, digital signal processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Students will decide upon a radar application (whether for autonomous drones/robots/vehicles or in the general theme of sensing for healthcare). Students will then get to work towards building a simulation model of their own radar system.