Lab alumni

Shari Brown

Shari Brown


Shari is a fourth year undergraduate student in Honours Psychology at the University of Waterloo. She is an international student from Jamaica, and is interested in studying eating disorders. Shari hopes to someday be able to be a part of cross-cultural research between North America and the Caribbean, surrounding that topic.

Samantha Daskaluk

Samantha Daskaluk

Samantha is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo and the Self-Attitudes Lab. She is now currently completing her Master's at the University of Windsor in Child Clinical Psychology.

Kyle Shea

Kyle Shea

Kyle is in his fourth year of the Honours Psychology (Bachelor of Arts) program at the University of Waterloo. His interest lies in the study of self-criticism in relation to eating disorders and anxiety disorders—such as anorexia nervosa and social phobia, respectively. Upon graduating, he aims to earn a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Brittney Vivian

Brittney Vivian

Brittney is in her fourth year of the Joint Honours Kinesiology/Psychology program at the University of Waterloo. Her research interests include disorders of body image, anxiety, mood, and personality and the thought processes that perpetuate such phenomena. Upon graduation, she hopes to further her education by completing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

Elizabeth Stephen, B.A.

Elizabeth Stephens


Elizabeth completed her Honours Psychology degree at the University of Waterloo.  She is interested in research that pertains to body image, anxiety, and negative thought processes that add to these concerns. Elizabeth hopes to go on to graduate school to obtain the knowledge and skills she will need for her own future practice and research. Of other importance in Elizabeth's life are her family, friends, and most of all, laughing.


Vanja Vidovic, B.Sc

Vanja V

Vanja received a Biomedical Sciences degree (Hons) with a minor in Psychology in 2014, and in 2015-2016 completed additional upper-year Honours Psychology courses through post-degree studies at UW. Under the supervision of Dr. Kelly, she completed an award-winning Honours Thesis project titled, “The Relationship between Intervention Attitudes and Ultimate Intervention Outcomes.” Vanja currently continues to explore questions concerning self-compassion and motivation, and ultimately hopes to go on to graduate studies in clinical psychology.


Sarina Trac

Photo of Sarina Trac

Sarina is an Honours Arts Psychology (Co-op) student at the University of Waterloo. She completed her honours thesis under Dr. Kelly's supervision, which investigated the moderating role of emotional closeness toward body comparisons in response to self-help strategies for body image. She is interested in the development of distorted body image ideals by the media, self-compassion, and social comparisons. Sarina hopes to attend graduate school in clinical psychology to earn a Ph.D



Iulia Banica, B.Sc.

Photo of Iulia Banica

Iulia graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc in Honours Psychology. Her honours thesis with Dr. Kelly explored the role of empathy in the transfer of state self-compassion in the face of body image threat. Iulia hopes to go on to graduate school to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Bethany Nightingale,    B. A.Photo of Bethany Nightingale

Bethany recently graduated from the Honours Arts Psychology (Co-op) program at the University of Waterloo in 2017, having completed a directed studies course and an honours thesis with Dr. Kelly. Afterwards, she worked as the Research Coordinator for the Self-Attitudes Lab. She is interested broadly in eating disorders and body image issues, and most recently has been investigating fat talk and fat talk responses. Bethany hopes to attend grad school for clinical psychology in the future.


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