Join the lab

We believe that more diverse research teams make for better research. We encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds including (but not limited to) all races, ethnicities, countries of origin, sexual orientations, gender identities, body sizes and shapes, abilities, ages, religious affiliations, and socioeconomic statuses. 

Graduate Students

**Our lab will NOT accept a new graduate student for 2024-2025.**

Every couple years, we accept a new graduate student to our lab. Please read about University of Waterloo's Clinical Psychology programCentre for Mental Health Research and Treatment, and graduate application procedures

Please check the Clinical Psychology admissions page for specific information on how to apply to our program.

Please check Dr. Kelly's faculty page to determine whether she will be accepting a student for the upcoming admissions cycle. Due to the volume of applications we receive to our program and lab, Dr. Kelly is only able to be in communication with applicants who have been short-listed for an interview, typically in December or January. To learn more about the research taking place in the lab, please review the research interests of our lab's current graduate students and our recent publications.

Undergraduate Students

The Self-Attitudes Lab runs with the help of committed undergraduate students. Below are the most common ways that an undergraduate can be involved in the lab. Depending on other demands on a student’s time (e.g., part-time job, caregiving responsibilities, commuting), we can be flexible with respect to when and where certain aspects of the work are performed.

Please e-mail us the following if you are interested in joining our lab as an undergraduate student:

  1. Cover letter – please include information on:
  • Your degree, major, and year of study
  • Why you are interested in being a research assistant in the Self-Attitudes Lab
  • Your previous research experiences (if any), and which professor these were with
  • Your contact information
  • Anything about your personal background and experiences that may have impacted your grades and/or ability to get volunteer experience (optional, if relevant)
  • Unique perspectives you may bring to our lab and research through your lived experience (optional)
  1. Resume/CV
  2. Unofficial transcript