Understanding degree and plan requirements

As a Social Development Studies student, you will graduate with a University of Waterloo Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Social Development Studies (SDS), and any additional double majors, minors or specializations that you choose to add to your studies (optional).

In addition to the SDS courses you take, you will also need to meet BA degree requirements.

Always check the Undergraduate Calendar year requirements corresponding both to the year in which you enrolled in the Faculty of Arts (Program-Level [BA] degree requirements) and in Social Development Studies (Academic Plan requirements), especially if you are not entering into SDS directly upon admission, or if you have changed faculties, majors, etc.

Remember that it is your responsibility to confirm that you satisfy all requirements for graduation.

The checklists below differ depending on the undergraduate calendar year you officially started the SDS major or minor (not just tracking). Ask your advisor what plan year you are following if you have questions.


*Checklists are best viewed when downloaded and opened in Adobe.

Students beginning in Fall 2018 or later

Students starting their degree program in Fall 2018 or later will have to meet the Communication Requirement by successfully completing ARTS 130 and ARTS 140.

Students following a Fall 2016 to Spring 2018 calendar

SDS minor

Checklists for students following a calendar earlier than Fall 2016

Please contact your advisor if you are following a major or minor plan that is prior to September 2016.

If you began your studies before September 2010, your degree and plan requirements may be different. Students enrolled in the faculty of Arts before September 2008 typically follow Group A and B requirements instead of Breadth requirements. Students enrolled in SDS before September 2008, or between September 2009-September 2010 have different plan requirements.