First Year Courses


SDS students

A direct-entry student in first year will take six core courses in SDS disciplines*, two Arts First** courses, and an elective of their choice each term. 

Fall Term Winter Term
PSYCH 101R - Introductory Psychology  SDS 131R - Political Ideologies and Social Development
SOC 101R – Introduction to Sociology  SDS 150R – Lifespan Processes
SOCWK 120R – Introduction to Social Work  PSYCH 253R – Social Psychology

ARTS 130 or 140** 

ARTS 130 or 140** 
Elective Elective

* For students applying to the Arts and Business Program who would like to major in Social Development Studies, course order will differ slightly. Contact Renison's Registrar's Office if you have questions.

**The Arts First requirement consists of 2 first-year communication courses capped at 25 students: ARTS 130 (Inquiry and Communication) and ARTS 140 (Information and Analysis). Instead of listening to a lecture and trying to capture notes, Arts First courses will have you and your classmates working together to respond to a challenge posed by the instructor. 

  • SDS students may be interested in selecting the SDS topics "Social Justice and Social Development" (ARTS 130) and "Social Change and Social Development" (ARTS 140); however they are not mandatory if you are interested in a different topic.

Check out our New to SDS page for relevant undergraduate resources and information.

What happens next?

In second year you should take the required statistics (SDS 250R) and research methods (SDS 251R) courses, and be sure you're tracking degree requirements relevant to your starting year.

SDS is a flexible degree with lots of room to tailor your elective choices. You may wish to pursue an SDS specialization if looking for greater focus within the major, an external minor or double-major, or simply take courses that interest you! 

Questions? Contact your SDS academic advisor.