SDS Pilot Program Aims to Support Student Connection

Monday, February 3, 2020

SDS Academic Advisor Jennifer Andrews-Coffey was recently showcased in Campus Wellness for her role in launching the "SDS Buddies" program.

The 2019-2020 pilot program was designed to help students transition to university by facilitating connection between new and current students in Social Development Studies. Recruitment of volunteer "Mentor Buddies" ran in Spring 2019 and they were hand-matched with incoming students across a variety of characteristics.

Thus far the response from both sets of students has been positive. New students have appreciated the experience of their SDS Buddies, learning more about campus resources and tips to succeed in their studies directly from peers. Current students report enjoying the chance to share their knowledge and meet new people.

The program is currently managed collaboratively by the SDS Academic Advisors as a parrallel peer-support option to the department's exceptional Academic Peer Leaders (via Renison's Student Life Team). See more about SDS Buddies on the Campus Wellness website.