Associate Professor, Social Development Studies

Christine LogelEducation

CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow, Chronic Disease Prevention, University of Waterloo

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder

Ph.D., University of Waterloo - Social Psychology

B.A., University of Waterloo - Psychology and Applied Studies Co-op

<--break->Research interests

Dr. Logel investigates basic social psychological concepts and how they might be applied to help solve social problems.

In her primary lines of research, she investigates, and then seeks ways to alleviate, social psychological barriers to the success and well-being of disadvantaged students in university. Her focuses include underrepresented minorities, women in male-dominated fields, students with visible and invisible disabilities, and English language learners. She has a particular interest in health outcomes.

In her secondary lines of research, she seeks to understand, and mitigate, the negative effects of weight stigma on higher body weight individuals and people across the weight spectrum.


Logel, C., Hall, W., & Paige-Gould, E., Cohen, G. (in press).  Why is it so hard to change? The role of self-integrity threat and affirmation in weight loss. European Journal of Social Psychology.

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 *Noted that Logel and Jordan contributed equally.

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2018: University of Waterloo Equity & Inclusivity Award

2017-2020: National Science Foundation: “A Belonging Intervention to Improve STEM Outcomes for Women and Underrepresented Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial at 22 Colleges” (Co-PI).

2016-2017: Waterloo Gender Equity Grant: “Evaluating and Disseminating Randomized Controlled Trials of Social Psychological Interventions Supporting Women in STEM Programs.” (PI)

2016: Article award, International Association of Relationships Researchers, for Logel, C., Stinson, D. A., Gunn, G., Wood, J. V., Holmes, J. G., & Cameron, J. J. (2014). A Little Acceptance is Good for Your Health: Interpersonal Messages and Weight Change Over Time. Personal Relationships, 21:583-598.

2015-2018: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario: “Social-Belonging Interventions: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” (PI),

2015-2017: The Raikes Foundation: “The College Transition Collaborative” (Co-PI)

2015-2016: Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Grant: “Pop Up Intervention! A 30-Second Treatment Improves Students’ Co-op Experiences.” (PI),

2014-2015: Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Grant: “Leveling the Playing Field for Vulnerable Students: A Test of the Effectiveness of Skills Tutorials.” (PI)

2013-2014: Renison Research Grant. (PI)

2012-2019: SSHRC Insight Grant: “An intervention to improve women’s engineering achievement.” (Co-PI)

2010-2013: SSHRC Standard Research Grant: “An intervention to reduce stereotype threat and improve women’s representation and achievement in engineering.” (PI)

2010-2011: The Spencer Foundation: “A social-psychological approach to raising student achievement, improving school behaviour, and closing racial disparities in high school.” (Supporting Researcher)

2008-2011: SSHRC Standard Research Grant: “Developing and testing a psychological flu shot.” (Collaborator)

2008-2010: Waterloo Center for the Advancement of Co-operative Education: “Testing the co-op stigmatization inoculation hypothesis.” (PI)

2007- 2008: The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues: “How peer interactions can undermine women’s performance in engineering: The role of stereotype threat.”        

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Psych 101R: Introductory Psychology

Psych 356R: Personality (online)

Psych 444R: Psychological Interventions (online)

Psych 495R: Research Apprenticeship

SDS 499 A and B: Senior Essay/Thesis

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