Christine Logel

Professor, Social Development Studies


CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow, Chronic Disease Prevention, University of Waterloo

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder

Ph.D., University of Waterloo - Social Psychology

B.A., University of Waterloo - Psychology and Applied Studies Co-op

Courses taught in SDS

PSYCH 101R: Introductory Psychology

PSYCH 356R: Personality 

PSYCH 444R: Psychological Interventions 

Research and teaching interests

Health psychology; gender and racial stereotypes; self-esteem

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As a Co-Founder and Head of Research with the College Transition Collaborative based at Stanford University, Dr. Logel develops and tests psychological interventions and promotes institutional change to help foster belonging and growth, increasing equity in academic achievement and improving well-being for disadvantaged students.

In her recent scholarly research, she studies identity and belonging among structurally disadvantaged students including racialized minorities, financially-stressed students, students with disabilities, students with higher body weight, English Language Learners, and students contending with the implications of the covid-19 pandemic. She also examines the negative effects of weight stigma.

Dr. Logel received University of Waterloo’s 2018 Equity Award for her work promoting women’s success in STEM fields. In her teaching and service, Dr. Logel supports, and advocates for, students with visible and invisible disabilities, non-traditional students, students in financial need, and online learners. Her work has been funded by organizations including the Raikes Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Higher Education Quality Council of Canada. Dr. Logel teaches Introductory Psychology, Personality Theory, and Psychological Interventions.

Select Publications

Logel, C., Le Forestier, J., Witherspoon, E., & Fotuhi, O. (2020). A social-belonging intervention benefits higher-weight students’ weight stability and academic achievement. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

LaCosse, J., Canning, E.A., Bowman, N, Murphy, M.C., Logel, C. (2020). A Social-Belonging Intervention Improves STEM Outcomes for Students who Speak English as a Second Language. Science Advances.

Oreopoulos, P., Petronijevic, U., Logel, C., & Beattie, G. (2020). Improving Non-Academic Student Outcomes Using Online and Text-Message Coaching. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Logel, C., Hall, W., & Paige-Gould, E., Cohen, G. (2019). Why is it so hard to change? The role of self-integrity threat and affirmation in weight loss. European Journal of Social Psychology, 49, 748-759

Logel, C., Kathmandu, A., &  Cohen, G. (2018). Affirmation Prevents Long-Term Weight Gain. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Spencer, S. J., Logel, C., & Davies, P. G. (2016). Stereotype Threat. Annual Review of Psychology, 67:14.1-14.23.

Logel, C., Stinson, D. A., & Brochu, P. (2015). A well-being answer to the obesity question. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 9:678-695.

Walton, G. M., Logel, C., Peach, J. M., Spencer, S., & Zanna, M. P. (2015). Two interventions to boost women’s achievement in engineering: Social-belonging and self-affirmation-training. Journal of Educational Psychology.

Logel, C., Stinson, D. A., Gunn, G., Wood, J. V., Holmes, J. G., & Cameron, J. J. (2014). A Little Acceptance is Good for Your Health: Interpersonal Messages and Weight Change Over Time. Personal Relationships.

Media Articles & Blog Posts

Murphy, M. C., Boucher, K., & Logel, C. (January 2021). How to help students feel a sense of belonging during the pandemic. Greater Good Magazine. 

Woodruff, S., Smith, C., Ryan, K., Murphy, M., & Logel, C. (January 2021). Communicating With Your Students About the Capitol Hill Insurrection: Brief Suggestions for Instructors. College Transition Collaborative Website. 

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Murphy, MC., Logel, C., Carroll, J.M. (July 2020). Three Teacher-Tested Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset. Education Week Opinion Blog.

Logel, C., Boucher, K., & Ryan, K. (March, 2020). Physical Distancing, Not Social Isolation: Creating Supportive Learning Environments during COVID-19. Student Experience Project Blog.

Logel, C. (March, 2020). Maintaining Connection and Belonging During Social Isolation. College Transition Collaborative Website.

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