Software Engineering Committees

Software Engineering committee membership is appointed annually. 

Board Members

The Software Engineering Program Board oversees the program's operation and evolution. This inter-faculty Board consults with the two home departments and reports to the two Faculty Councils. The Chair of the Board alternates between the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Dean of Mathematics. In addition, the board includes four faculty members, two from Computer Science and two from Electrical and Computer Engineering; and one student from the Software Engineering program. Faculty members are appointed for two-year, renewable terms; the student member typically serves a two-term appointment.

Curriculum Committee

The Software Engineering Curriculum Committee is responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the program curriculum and is chaired by the Software Engineering Program Director. It provides initial approval for program changes. The committee consists of faculty members from Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering and one student from the Software Engineering Program. The membership may be drawn from outside of the Board. The Software Engineering Curriculum Committee reports to the Software Engineering Program Board and consults with both the Computer Science Curriculum Committee and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program Committee.