Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Software engineering is a systematic and disciplined approach to developing software. It applies both computer science and engineering principles and practices to the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems.

At the University of Waterloo, Software Engineering is an independent, interdisciplinary program supported by both the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Engineering. Graduates of this program will earn a Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) degree.


Future undergraduate

Our undergraduate program not only include a solid foundation in mathematics, science, engineering, and computer science, but will also cover fundamental concepts of the software development process, project management, and proper technical documentation.

Future graduate

Despite the lack of a graduate program, those interested in Software Engineering can pursue software-related graduate degrees offered by The David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science and the Faculty of Mathematics or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Faculty of Engineering

Courses provided by the Faculty of Engineering show students how to design and how to solve problems in digital hardware and software.


Faculty of Math

Courses provided by the Faculty of Math give students the background they need to understand computing fundamentals and to model and reason about software behaviour. 

  1. Mar. 9, 2021Waterloo Takes First Place in ICPC Regionals

    Waterloo Black, including SE's own Wesley Leung, won first at the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) regional competition for East Central North America, competing against 67 teams from Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, University of Toronto, Ohio State, and University of Michigan, along with other universities across Ontario, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Congratulations!

  2. Jan. 22, 2021WATORACE wins 4th in Indy Autonomous Challenge Virtual Race #3

    WATORACE, including SE's own Kyle Anderson, won 4th place in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) virtual race #3, also capturing the Rising Star Award. The IAC brings together 18 university teams from 11 countries on 4 continents in the world’s first head-to-head, high-speed autonomous race at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).

  3. Nov. 19, 2020ECE Prof Ladan Tahvildari named Chair of IEEE TCSE

    ECE Professor Ladan Tahvildari has been named Chair of the IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering.

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