Repeating a term

This is the normal decision for students who have a 1B term average below 59.5, no grounds for a petition, but still want to complete the software engineering program. It gives students an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and create support structures to build a strong first year foundation. 

When dealing with this decision, students will have to plan for the term after their work term and before they repeat the term. There are two general options:

Work to gain more experience and increase savings​

Students can work during this term, but they will not be a co-op student and will not receive a co-op credit. This means you will work as a regular student. You must inform your employer regarding your change in status since it influences tax credits. Students who repeat a term are set to have 7 official work terms whereas only 5 co-op credits are required to graduate.

Take courses at the University of Waterloo th​at will strengthen your 1A background

Students may be eligible to return to Waterloo to strengthen their background. Students cannot take any core course or equivalent courses from the term they will be repeating. However, students may be able to take electives with the strengthening course(s).

Please contact the SE associate director to discuss this option.

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Frequently asked questions

What courses do I have to repeat?

While repeating the term, a student shall be excused from repeating individual courses in which a grade of 70% or better has been achieved. If this occurs, substitute courses, as approved by the department, must be taken, such that the student takes at least a reduced load in the repeat term. 

What do I do if I am excused from repeating a course (scored 70% or greater in my first attempt)?

If a student is exempt from retaking a course then the course must be replaced with an elective course.

What are acceptable courses for replacing an excused course on a repeat term?

Why do I have to wait two terms (8 months) before repeating the term?

It normalizes the time penalty for students in all programs and streams. This is specified in the E and P Academic Decisions Rule #6.

What is a voluntary strengthening term?

A student requests to enrol for an Engineering non-degree term in order to strengthen their academic background before returning to repeat and/or clear a 1B failure. Acceptable courses would be 1A core or equivalent courses in which the student is weak in.

How do I arrange for enrolment in my repeat term?

Should I be enrolled in a Work Report on a repeat term?

Students should not be enrolled for the Work Report credit on a repeat term.

What are the mark requirements to pass a repeat term?

Promotion rules for a repeat term are a minimum term average of 59.5% with no course mark below 50%.

Is there a limit to the number of repeat term decisions a student can earn?

There are no more than two repeat terms allowed. A student receiving a third failed term will be Required to Withdraw from Engineering.

I was awarded a No Penalty repeat term via a petition. What is the effect of the No Penalty?

The no-penalty designation means that the term is not counted as a repeat term with regard to the number of times a term can be repeated or in the calculation of the total number of terms of full-time study in the program. This condition is normally applied as a result of extenuating circumstances which significantly affected the student's performance in the failed term.