This is the normal decision for students who have a 1B term average below 59.5, no grounds for a petition, but still want to complete the software engineering program. It gives students an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and create support structures to build a strong first year foundation. 

When dealing with this decision, students will have to plan for the term after their work term and before they repeat the term. There are two general options:

Work to gain more experience and increase savings​

Students can work during this term, but they will not be a co-op student and will not receive a co-op credit. This means you will work as a regular student. You must inform your employer regarding your change in status since it influences tax credits. Students who repeat a term are set to have 7 official work terms whereas only 5 co-op credits are required to graduate.

Take courses at the University of Waterloo th​at will strengthen your 1A background

Students may be eligible to return to Waterloo to strengthen their background. Students cannot take any core course or equivalent courses from the term they will be repeating. However, students may be able to take electives with the strengthening course(s).

Please contact the SE associate director to discuss this option.

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