Engineering non-degree is a temporary status that allows students to enrol in an academic term for the purpose of facilitating a transfer or retaking 1A courses prior to repeating 1B.

You can arrange for a non-degree term by completing a Plan modification/Internal Transfer form.

  • Complete the front requesting the Engineering Non-degree program and filling in the reason for the non-degree term (e.g., Non-degree term to transfer into the Faculty of Science).
  • Complete the "courses required by admitting department" table on the second page of the form.
  • Students must build their own conflict free schedule using the Schedule of Classes. (Also check the Calendar for course descriptions).
  • Submit the form to the SE associate director.
  • Voluntary strengthening students must take at least one 1A course or equivalent.

Transfer students must have the advisor from the program of interest sign the second page of the Plan modification/Internal Transfer form indicating their approval of the course selection.

The advisor from the program of interest may have to override specific courses listed in the table to allow enrolment in restricted courses. Approval can be given directly on the Plan modification/Internal Transfer form, via an email of approval, or through the completion of a Course Override.

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