Course Override Form

PDF forms should be filled out, signed where applicable, and can be emailed to the applicable instructor/advisor for approval or submitted to the email indicated on the form.

Use this form if you require an override - permission to get into a class - authorized by an instructor and/or department.

Course Override Form (PDF)

Course information can be retrieved on Quest or on the Schedule of Classes.

Completing the course information section with the Schedule of Classes

Every course will have one or more meet types. A meet type can be a lecture (LEC), a laboratory (LAB), and then a tutorial (TUT). First you choose your primary meet type. If a course has more than one meet type, first you choose a lecture, then a related laboratory, and lastly a related tutorial. Next, you carry the information forward that appears on the schedule of classes over to the appropriate sections of the Course Override Form.

The table below provides the headings that appear on the Course Override Form and the corresponding headings on the Schedule of Classes.

Course Override Form Schedule of Classes
Four- or five-digit Class Number (e.g., 4142, 10512) Class
(for the first meet)
Subject (e.g., CIVE) Subject
Catalog Number (e.g., 125) Catalog #
Lecture (LEC) Section Number (e.g., 001) Comp Sec
(for the first meet)
Related Class Number and LAB Section (e.g., 4143/101) Class | Comp Sec
(for the second meet)
Related Class Number and TUT Section (e.g., 4433/201) Class | Comp sec
(for the third meet)