Course Override Form

Since University employees are working remotely, PDF forms should be filled out, signed where applicable, and emailed to the applicable instructor/advisor for approval or submitted to the email indicated on the form.

Use this form if you require an override authorized by an instructor and/or department.

Course Override Form (PDF)

Class enrolment information is on the Schedule of Classes.

Completing the class enrolment information section

What term are you looking for?

Select the term from the drop-down list on the Schedule of Classes.

A term is defined by a four-digit number. For example, 1199 means fall 2019.

  • The first number is the second digit of the century. For example, 1 means 21st century.
  • The second and third numbers are the last two digits of the year. For example, 19 means 2019.
  • The fourth number is the month the term begins. For example, 9 is for fall term, 1 is for the winter term and 5 is for spring term.

What subject are you looking for?

Each course has a subject abbreviation and a number assigned to it. The course, Design & Applications of Power Electronic Converters has a subject abbreviation of ECE and a course number of 463. See the course description and course notes section of the Undergraduate Calendar for a complete list.

Click the Clear Fields button on the Schedule of Classes.

In the drop-down list, scroll down to find the subject abbreviation and click on it to select it. Put the cursor in the course number field. Enter the course number. Click on the Search button. 

The screen refreshes to display all the course meet types and details associated with the course.

Every course will have one or more meet types. A meet type can be a lecture (LEC), a laboratory (LAB), and then a tutorial (TUT). First you choose your primary meet type. If a course has more than one meet type, first you choose a lecture, then a related laboratory, and lastly a related tutorial. Next, you carry the information forward that appears on the schedule of classes over to the appropriate sections of the course override form.

The table below provides the headings that appear on the schedule of classes and the corresponding headings or fields that appear on the course override form.

Schedule of Classes Course Override Form
Subject Subject, e.g. CIVE
Catalog # Catalog Number, e.g., 125
(for the first meet)
Four-digit Class Number, e.g., 4142
Comp Sec
(for the first meet)

Lecture (LEC) Section Number, e.g., 001
(3 digits)

(for the second meet)

Related Class Number, e.g., 4143
(4 digits)

Comp Sec
(for the second meet)
Related LAB Section Number, e.g., 101
(3 digits)
(for the third meet)
Related Class Number, e.g., 4433
(4 digits)
Comp Sec
(for the third meet)
Related Tutorial (TUT) Section Number, e.g., 201
(3 digits)