Graduation information


Complete the online Application to Graduate form

  • Submit to Registrar's office by March 1st for Spring Convocation

In March, the Registrar's office will send each student an E-mail with instructions on where to look on Quest to check that your form has been received by their office

Check Degree Requirements

  • Log onto "EngAdvisor" and look for "Provisionally Complete." 

This information is correct to best of my knowledge (but not a guarantee)

  • After fully-graded date, check unofficial transcript for Degrees Awarded (should say "Bachelor of Software Engineering")
  • Convocation information is emailed by the Registrar's office in May. Up to 5 guests per graduate are allowed. See the Registrar's convocation information site. SE convocates with Math in odd years and Engineering in even years. Ceremony dates and times are also posted on the Registrar's website.

Early Diploma of Degree Completion Letter

Additional Information

Grad committees

  • MathSoc
  • EngSoc
  • Iron Ring Ceremony - Students will be contacted in their 4B term about Iron Ring Ceremony preparations, which include ring-fitting (ring costs $20), the actual ceremony, and an optional re-fitting day. Students can also buy tickets to the Iron Ring Stag event.


  • Math yearbook: the SE yearbook rep should send pictures of the SE class to the Math grad committee (MGC), and they create a collage of SE pictures for the Math yearbook. 
  • Engineering yearbook: the Engineering grad committee (GradComm) will save several pages for the SE class in the yearbook, if asked. The SE yearbook rep will need to collect pictures and create the pages, to give to GradComm via an online yearbook editor.


  • The SE class will be invited to have a class photo taken in front of E4/E5 during their 4A term.  The photo gets distributed in the EngSoc office.
  • Individual grad photos are done with Math in odd years (by LifeTouch in SLC) and Engineering in even years (by New School Photography in DC). 

Grad Ball

SE students are welcome to go to the Math Grad Ball, the Engineering Grad Ball, or to both.  The SE EngSoc rep should reach out to GradComm about SE students attending the Eng Grad Ball. 

Computing accounts

  • student.cs: expires at end of term
  • ecelinux: expires after 1 year
  • nexus: expires at end of registration (end of term)
  • Alumni account
  • Watiam profile persists indefinitely
  • Quest access persists
  • Jobmine
    • Full-time jobs: look under spring term (until the end of April)
    • Use alumni jobmine after that