Proof of enrolment request

Three types of proof of enrolment documentation

  • Self-serve letters (no cost): Can be produced from your Quest account and printed at home. Useful for organizations such as banks, RESP providers, Canada Pension Plan, insurance companies, and employers. A self-serve letter can be submitted for RESP verification in lieu of getting a RESP form signed by our office.
  • University-produced letters ($10): We can provide a letter printed on University of Waterloo letterhead with an embossed University seal. Useful for study permits/visas, border crossings, or when the self-serve option cannot incorporate desired/required information. Students may be looking for a program completion letter or a verification letter; these are the same as a proof of enrolment letter. For a program completion letter, select the "Degree Requirements Met" option and we will verify that you have completed your degree and have met all of your requirements. 
  • Third-party forms ($10, exceptions provided below): We can complete a form from an outside organization (e.g., United Nations forms) with the University seal to verify your enrolment. Upload and attach the third-party form to your online request or submit along with your completed Proof of Enrolment request form by mail or fax.

Please note: Proof of enrolment for Fall 2019 is now available. Proof of enrolment for Winter 2020 will be available mid-November. 

We offer three options to order your proof of enrolment

  1. Visit The Centre during business hours if you require your proof of enrolment immediately.
  2. Login to our online e-commerce Proof of Enrolment Form using your University of Waterloo username and password.
  3. Complete our Proof of Enrolment Request Form (PDF) if you do not have a University of Waterloo username and password. 

We process requests daily, Monday to Friday, except when the University is closed.