Policies, procedures and guidelines

Below are the policies for Software Engineering. You can view the University policies and guidelines on their site.

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Software Engineering Policies and Guidelines

Taking an extra course at UW during a co-op workterm

Students are permitted to take an additional course on their work terms. Courses taken by students during work terms will not be included in the average for any term. Students can take an elective during their co-op in order to reduce the number of courses they take during an academic term by one course. There are a number of different scenarios that can be addressed:

  1. If the student is not living/working in the Waterloo area, then the course must be an online class. The list of online classes available for a given term is available on the Centre for Extended Learning website.
  2. If the student is living and working in the Waterloo area, the employer must approve the course (either day or night). The student may also take an online course.
  3. If the student is living in Waterloo and did not find employment, the student may take one or two courses, either on campus or online.

If one of the above criteria is met, the student may then take:

Taking an extra course at another university during a co-op workterm

A student may take one course at another university if they are on a workterm and they have not already registered for a course at UW. Students must get permission from the SE associate director before registering at the host university. To obtain permission and to make sure that the credit counts, the student must submit a Letter of Permission Form along with detailed information about the proposed course to the SE associate director for approval.

Students must fill out this form no later than two calendar months prior to the start of the term that the course is to begin. For example, if the course is for the spring term, then the letter of permission must be in the registrar's office by March 1st.

Taking an extra course during a school term

Missing exams

If a student has missed a final exam then the instructor has the option to:

  1. Grant the student an AEG (aegrotat) if the student has demonstrated sufficient knowledge and a satisfactory understanding of the course but was ill according to medical evidence.
  2. Grant the student an INC (incomplete) and allow the student to write another final exam within six months from the end of the term, either one in the upcoming term or a newly generated exam.
  3. Grant the student a DNW (did not write) if the student did not complete a sufficient proportion of the assignments, tests, and examinations for an evaluation to be made.

It is up to the instructor to decide if the reason is legitimate or not and whether it warrants one of the first two resolutions. A legitimate reason usually constitutes a medical illness, a death in the family, etc… Neither the SE director nor the SE associate director can overturn the decision made by the instructor.

If you miss an exam due to illness then must attend UW Health Services or your family physician during the illness and have them complete the UW Verification of Illness Form.