About UW Special Constable Service

Mission Statement

The University of Waterloo Special Constable Service is committed to promoting and upholding the policies and practices of the University while working in partnership with the campus community to provide a safe and secure environment in which to work, study and live.

Core Responsibilities

The University of Waterloo Special Constable Service has two complementary areas of core responsibilities; supporting the UW community in a manner congruent with UW's policies, practices and culture, and performing the law enforcement duties of Special Constables as defined by the agreement with the Waterloo Regional Police Service Board. These responsibilities are executed in the context of the Community Based Policing Model and, together, serve to ensure a campus environment that is safe and secure.

In supporting the university community, the University Special Constable Service is committed to:

  • Providing leadership in public order and security as it relates to campus well-being and university culture;
  • Developing positive relationships with students, staff and faculty to facilitate problem solving and mutual long-term campus safety initiatives;
  • Acquiring and maintaining proper training for effective response to medical and other on-campus emergencies;
  • Maintaining a highly visible on-campus presence by way of foot, bicycle and vehicle patrol as a proactive measure to deter and detect security issues;
  • Responding to requests from members of the university community for investigative assistance;
  • Sharing information, as appropriate, related to the wellbeing of the university community; and
  • Assisting at events through the provision of resources and expertise in areas of community safety, public order and security.

In fulfilling the responsibilities of a Special Constable, University Special Constable Service shall:

  • Conduct policing according to the agreement with the Waterloo Regional Police Service Board;
  • Continually develop their Community Based Policing model to further crime detection, reduction and prevention;
  • Maintain a positive working relationship and partnership with the Waterloo Regional Police Service;
  • Respond to and investigate all complaints of on-ca(University Area)mpus criminal activity, and where appropriate, forward information to the Waterloo Regional Police for further investigation;
  • Provide support to the lead investigative agency where an incident is beyond the scope or mandate of the University Special Constable Service;
  • Enforce Criminal Code of Canada and all authorized provincial legislations;
  • Report on the use of force to the Waterloo Regional Police Service Board;
  • Be familiar with  university procedures relating to their policing responsibilities; and

Maintain a vigilant patrol of all grounds and buildings of the University to detect and prevent crime and public disorder.