Welcome to the Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit

Serving the University of Waterloo community and beyond since 1999

The Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit (SCSRU) is a joint unit at the University of Waterloo comprised of the former Statistical Consulting and Collaborative Research Unit and the Survey Research Centre. The SCSRU offers the same services as its predecessors and is a cornerstone to excellence in survey research and statistical analysis at the University of Waterloo.

The SCSRU provides statistical advice to those working on research problems, in addition to offering a full suite of survey research services that include survey methodology and sampling frame consultation, questionnaire design, programming, data collection (telephone, web, mail, face-to-face, and mixed mode surveys), sample weights, and data analysis. SCSRU services support clients to get accurate, meaningful results.

Our mission is to provide high-quality statistical advice and survey research services to the University of Waterloo Community and external institutions and organizations through our two service streams: Statistical Consulting and Survey Research.