Our Alumni: Jiaxi Liang

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Jiaxi (Garcia) Liang (BSc (Science), 2009, Beijing Institute of Technology, MSc (Statistics), 2011, University of Waterloo, Ph.D. (Statistics), 2016, University of Waterloo) is a Principal Machine Learning Scientist at integrate.ai.  

Garcia was a consultant at the SCCRU between 2013 and 2016, when the statistics help desk did not have a booking scheduler. Visitors drop by his office to get help as needed. Many visitors expected Garcia to suggest suitable statistical models moments after hearing and understanding the problem. He did not disappoint, and impressed many with his statistical knowledge and quick-wit. Garcia also participated in the analysis of a large-scale data collected through the University of Waterloo Institutional Analysis and Planning.

In his previous and current companies, Garcia has been viewed as the expert to map the real-life business problem into the appropriate statistical or machine learning solutions. Although Garcia is currently working on research at the backend, he is often requested to help define use case, identify suitable models and interpret the results.

Currently, Garcia's primary research interest is machine learning, federated learning and ML privacy.

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A picture of Jiaxi (Garcia) Liang