Our Alumni: Zhoushanyue He

Monday, August 15, 2022

Zhoushanyue (Sophie) He (BSc (Statistics), 2011, Beijing Normal University, MSc (Statistics), 2013, University of Waterloo, Ph.D. (Statistics), 2020, University of Waterloo) is a Statistical Scientist at Roche.

Sophie was a consultant at the SCCRU between 2017 and 2020. Sophie helped graduate students, staff and faculty members who sought statistical advice at the statistics help desk. During her term of service, Sophie worked closely with Rand Hussein and Dr. Kelly Grindrod (School of Pharmacy) to assess the effectiveness of web-based learning through Pharmacy5in5. Their work has resulted in publications in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice in 2021 and Pharmacy in 2022.

Sometimes, people who came to the consulting center for help came up with very interesting "why not" questions. Although most of the time these "why not" questions didn't provide alternative solutions to statistical problems, it intrigued me to think about how non-statisticians understand statistics.

In Sophie's current position, she does not only work on long-term projects but also provides short-term statistical consultation to other projects. Her primary research includes machine learning and text analysis.

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A picture of Zhoushanyue (Sophie) He