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Mother with daughter in front of the Student Life Centre

We want to work with you to support your student

The Student Success Office provides information and resources for parents both in-person and online to help you achieve our common goal of student success.

As a parent or family member of a first-year student, you can view your new role as a coach. You can be a partner in your student’s success by helping to develop their independence and problem-solving skills. Join us at our programs and events or view the resources we've put together for you.

Parents and supporting family members should know that in times of struggle, you will most likely be the first person your student connects with. It’s important that the advice you give your student empowers them to solve their own problems and helps them gain the confidence to look after themselves. This skill becomes more and more important as they move through their university career.

Please note that the university cannot share your student’s information. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the university’s confidentiality policy.

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What are other parents saying about our programs?

“Very well organized sessions – worth attending, lots of information.”

“Wonderful experience. Gives us peace of mind. We look forward to our son enjoying much success at Waterloo.”

“The programs surpassed my expectations. Very well organized, info was just right – good mix of info. Excellent presentations.

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