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What is the Keystone Campaign?

The Keystone Campaign inspires the campus community to engage in philanthropy. Every year, our family of faculty, staff and retirees volunteer countless hours on campus and donate more than $1 million to support the University of Waterloo.

When those at the heart of Waterloo — our own faculty, staff and retirees — make a personal investment in our University, it sends a strong message of pride to the entire campus community. Students, alumni, friends, parents, and corporate partners see this pride and are inspired to give. 

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Whether you’re passionate about helping students in financial need, you wish to support a special research project, or you donate to the University’s highest priority, your gifts make a tangible difference on campus. Thank you.

For more information, contact Pat Duguay.

Keystone Campaign

Representing Faculty: Heather Mair, Recreation & Leisure Studies

Representing Staff: Tony Munro, Registrar's Office

Representing Retirees: Lynn Judge, Former Director Graduate Academic Services

Keystone Campaign Manager

Pat Duguay

2017 Communications Committee

Carrie Ann Nickerson, Graduate Studies (Committee Chair)

Claire Taylor, Graduate Studies Office

Farzaneh Irani, Student Success Office

Karina Graf, Co-Operative Education & Career Action (on leave)

Jay Mielke, Student Success Office

Natasha Jennings, Information Systems & Technology (on leave)

Micaela Buchnea-Chew, UW Food Services

Eleanor Doe, UW Food Services

2017 Treat-a-Gram Committee

Jennifer Jantzi (Committee Chair), Student Success Office 

Karleigh Nyman, Co-Operative Education & Career Action 

Jamie Reilly, Office of Advancement

Sherri Anne Arsenault, Dean of Arts Office

Regan Child, Office of Research

Laila Wickham, Waterloo International

Ibi Brown, Waterloo International

Michelle Watson, Human Resources

Verna Keller, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Erica Voisin (on leave), Office of Advancement

Lauren Ward, Registrar's Office

Fatima Costa, Office of Advancement

Jennifer Calbery, Organizational & Human Development 

Barbara Redfearn, Co-Operative Education & Career Action

2017 Keystone Picnic Committee

Terrence Birmingham, Plant Operations (Committee Co-Chair)

Lauren Ward, Registrar's Office (Committee Co-Chair)

Winona Phachanla, Renison University College

Verna Keller, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Brian Dietrich, Plant Operations

Liz Skibicki, Engineering

Laura Gordon, Undergraduate Recruitment

Lisa McAughey, Office of Advancement

Sherri Anne Arsenault, Dean of Arts Office

Carlie Wardell, Conference Management 

Erin Pritchard, Waterloo Store

Erin Campbell, Arts Undergraduate Office