Keystone Campaign

Keystone Campaign logoWhat is the Keystone Campaign?

The Keystone Campaign inspires the campus community to engage in philanthropy. Every year, our family of faculty, staff and retirees volunteer countless hours on campus and donate more than $1 million to support the University of Waterloo.

You choose where your gift is directed - any project, program, department, or faculty that has special meaning to you.

For more information, contact Meghan Whitfield.

To read more about why our staff have chosen to support Keystone, visit our testimonials page.

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Keystone Campaign

Representing Faculty: Heather Mair, Recreation & Leisure Studies

Representing Staff: Tony Munro, Registrar's Office

Representing Retirees: Lynn Judge, Former Director Graduate Academic Services

Keystone Campaign Manager (Interim)

Meghan Whitfield