Your impact

Your generosity allows our students, faculty, and staff to generate new ideas, make new discoveries and solve some of today's most pressing problems, all to secure a stronger future for Canada and the world. Whether you give your time, your financial support, encourage others to invest in Waterloo, or help build networks on our behalf, your support is making a significant impact.

Report On Giving

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Your support builds connections that allow Waterloo to nurture talent, generate ideas and find solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

Read the 2022-2023 Report on Giving

Report on Giving Archives

2021-2022 Report on Giving (PDF)

2020-2021 Report on Giving (PDF)

2019-2020 Report on Giving (PDF)

2018-2019 Report on Giving (PDF)

2017-2018 Report on Giving (PDF)

Annual Giving Impact Reports

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Giving to the University of Waterloo can take many forms, but regardless which method you choose, your generous support is helping drive disruptive innovation, fuel economies and shape a better world for us all. Thank you for making an impact!

Impact Report Archives

2023 Annual Giving Program Impact Report

2023 Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Program Impact Report

2022 Circle Program Impact Report

2022 Monthly Giving Program Impact Report

2022 Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Program Impact Report

2021 Circle Program Impact Report

2021 Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Impact Report

Endowment Reports

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Each year, Waterloo provides a summary report of each named endowment fund. The report also includes financial details for Waterloo’s endowment performance and management as a whole.

Endowment Report Archives

2022-23 Endowment Report

2021-22 Endowment Report

2020-21 Endowment Report

2019-20 Endowment Report


Priority funds and projects

The University has several funds and priority projects that need your support to enhance the experience of students. 

Give your time and talent

By volunteering your time and talent to support Waterloo events and programs, you are creating a lasting, positive experience for our campus community and beyond.