Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Program

Impact of Waterloo

Waterloo faculty, staff and retirees form a community that truly reflects the heart of Waterloo. Working together to deliver teaching and academic excellence, experiential learning, world-changing research and an incredible student experience, we are united by shared values that inspire pride and connection. Investing in each other and in Waterloo students means our hearts are in this together.

Your commitment is the heart of Waterloo

Your passion is the heart of Waterloo

Smiling Sharon Lamont

It was always easy for me to give my time because I so enjoyed the camaraderie of working together to achieve a goal. And it eventually became easy to be a Waterloo donor because I had a surprisingly — to me, anyway — successful career at the University.

Seeing a student I knew benefit from FSR support was really meaningful to me… I feel very strongly that education should be accessible, and this is a way to support students.