Love for UWaterloo: stories from three faculty and staff couples

Friday, February 16, 2024
Tasha Glover and Jonathan Woodcock posing for a black and white photo.

Ask Tasha Glover (BA ’01) about her favourite University of Waterloo moment, and she’ll tell you about the time she won an astonishing 50 bottles of wine as a draw prize to celebrate UWaterloo’s 50th birthday in 2007.

“I had to tell my other half Jonathan in person, so I asked him to come to the Graduate Studies Office right away but did not say why. Poor Jon ran across campus, thinking something terrible must have happened. He was excited to learn we had won the wine, but not impressed with my dramatics at breaking the news!” said Glover.

Glover and her partner Jonathan Woodcock are members of a unique community: couples who work at UWaterloo and actively support the University as donors. Glover is manager of student communications at The Centre (Student Service Centre), while Woodcock is manager of Enterprise Systems at UWaterloo’s Information Systems and Technology.

Glover donates monthly to the Faculty of Arts.

“As an English alum, I hold the Faculty of Arts close to my heart,” said Glover.