Survey Research Services Checklist

To enable us to provide you with an accurate quote, please fill out this checklist to the best of your ability/knowledge of the research at this time. We realize you may not have all the answers at this time. If some of the information is unknown, please leave the section blank. 

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Does the Principal Investigator work or study at the University of Waterloo? * (required)
Please indicate the Principal Investigator's current role at the University of Waterloo.
Are there other Investigators (at UWaterloo or external to UWaterloo) involved with this research study? * (required)
Which statement best describes the affiliation of the other Investigators? * (required)
In what services are you interested?
Please select all that apply.
Please indicate which consultation services you would like
The SRC offers one hour of free consultation to UW faculty, staff and students. Please select all that apply.
Desired survey methodology
Please select all that apply.
(i.e., number of questions)
Open-ended questions are those for which respondents provide their own answers versus closed-end questions where the respondents are supplied with options for answers.
(i.e., will any questions be skipped by respondents depending on their answers to previous questions? If so, how many questions include skip patterns?)
(i.e., smokers living in Ontario)
Will you be supplying the target respondent contact list?
(i.e., % smokers within the Ontario population)
(i.e., certain age groups, gender, geographic area, etc.,)
Do you require quotas for any of the qualifiers?
(i.e., 50% in a certain age group)
This estimate helps us determine what services, length of survey or number of completed surveys we can offer within your budget.
Will you be providing incentives for the respondents to complete the survey?
(i.e., gift cards, cash, draw for a prize)
Do you require the Survey Research Centre to purchase and/or distribute the incentives?
In what language(s) will the survey be offered?
Please select all that apply.
Is translation required?
Are you applying for funding?
(i.e., How does diversity and engagement affect mental health and well-being of employees? What are the effects on male/female employees?)
(i.e., abstract, grant application, draft questionnaire, etc.,) or please send as attachments to with subject line: checklist attachments)
How did you hear about the Survey Research Centre? * (required)
Please select all that apply.

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