Professor Burch teaches two courses in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management (GEM), University of Waterloo:

Undergraduate courses

GEOG 207: Climate Change Fundamentals

Climate change is one of the most profound environmental and social issues affecting communities, nations and individuals. This course is an introduction to this global challenge, including its scientific underpinnings, history, potential impacts on natural systems and human societies around the world, and two societal responses: adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation. Opportunities to develop sustainable resilient communities, as well as Canadian climate change policy responses will be highlighted.

Graduate courses

GEOG 675: Climate Change Governance

In this seminar-style course we explore the theories behind, and practical approaches to, climate change governance. We delve into the key concepts of legitimacy, effectiveness, and participation.

This course is intended for graduate students of all backgrounds (arts and sciences) who wish to improve their understanding of climate change governance, institutions, and politics. The course will also help students to hone their abilities to communicate potential solutions to others.