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Creating a sustainable future for aerospace and aviation

The Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) is the world’s leading hub for sustainable aviation and aerospace research, technology, and education. We foster interdisciplinary inquiry, cross-sector partnerships, and experiential learning that builds a sustainable future.

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What is sustainable aeronautics?

Sustainable aeronautics is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that encompasses all types of air transport, including aviation, aerospace, and space. Researchers at WISA develop innovative solutions, tools, and practices to create a viable future for air transport. 

In our work, sustainability has three pillars of equal importance: social, environmental, and economic. Our research and innovation address all three pillars – and the interconnections between them – to create meaningful, long-term solutions. 

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Building equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforces, communities, and access to mobility.

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Reducing and eliminating the harmful environmental impacts of aeronautics.

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Supporting a future-ready workforce and long-term economic growth.