Research Studies

Current Research Studies

Our researchers are often seeking participants for aeronautical research studies. Be a part of the future of aviation by participating in cutting-edge research. Please review the participant criteria and reach out to the appropriate lab/researcher if interested!

If you are a WISA Member recruiting participants for an aeronautical research study, please email us with your recruitment scripts to be added to this page. 

Vision in Aviation Study


We are looking for people who: (1) have normal or corrected to normal vision (i.e., with glasses or contact lenses), (2) have not been diagnosed with any neurological disorder, and (3) have some piloting experience (flight hours) to participate in a research study that involves examining vision and eye movements during simulated flying via ALSIM AL250 Flight Simulator.

This study will examine the effects of vision, eye movement patterns/strategies, flight task difficulty, and level of expertise on flight performance. This study will be completed in the Flight Simulator Lab (EV1 242) within a single session lasting approximately 90 minutes. Please find the full brief here and email the flight sim lab here if you are interested in participating.