Partnership Opportunities

WISA researchers collaborate with leading local, national, and international organizations to drive sustainable exploration, discovery, and innovation. 

Partner with us to be part of a vibrant network of innovative people, ideas, and practices. Together we can identify innovative, forward-thinking, and sustainable solutions within the aviation, aerospace, and space sectors. 


Complete our online form and we will reply in a few days to confirm the best fit for your R&D needs or philanthropic support.


Meet with the WISA team to define the scope, budget, and timeline of your project or gift. 


Our team will provide efficient and effective support through the funding and contract process. 


Dedicated WISA members will work with you through the research project or philanthropic gift life cycle. 

Support WISA

WISA partners and donors deliver financial support that enables our researchers to push the boundaries of aeronautics knowledge and innovation. Whether through the creation of a dedicated research chair, scholarships, or one-time or regular donations, your financial support can help us train the next generation of talent and create a sustainable future for aeronautics. 

Work with top talent

Research partnerships are a great way for business, government, and community organizations to interact with future talent, trained by leading researchers and practitioners. Many of our students are eager to take on partner research as part of their program of study. 

Collaborate on a research project

WISA researchers from across the University of Waterloo have the expertise and resources you need to tackle critical challenges, whether for a specific research contract or a long-term project. Our team can connect you with world-leading researchers who may be able to expand your research budget with matching opportunities. Please contact Valerie Cheng, our Manager of Faculty & Industry Engagement, if you are interested in collaborating on a research project. 

Access cutting-edge research facilities

Waterloo is home to over a thousand research facilities. Our world-class equipment and state-of-the-art, specialized labs are catalysts for technological and scientific innovation. If you have a research challenge, we have the resources to find a solution. 

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