WISA Sim Lab

About the simulator

The WISA Sim Lab is home to an advanced flight simulator that supports the work of researchers at WISA. A key piece of shared infrastructure at Waterloo, the Sim Lab is located on Waterloo’s main campus in room 242 of the Environment 1 (EV1) building.

The ALSIM AL250 flight simulator was installed in June 2021. It was purchased with infrastructure support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund (CFI JELF) and the Ontario Research Fund (ORF).

Any WISA Member is welcome to submit a request to use the flight simulator for their research.

Remote video URL

Simulator specifications

The ALSIM AL250 flight simulator can be reconfigured to represent several types of aircraft used within pilot training, including single-engine, complex single-engine, and multi-engine aircrafts.

The ALSIM AL250 has the following technical specifications:

  • Reconfigurable cockpit – A full cockpit that can represent different types of training aircrafts
  • Visual system – High-definition field-of-view (250 degrees H x 49 degrees V, minimum constant frame rate of 60 images/second)
  • Tactile effects – Electrical force feedback on three axes
  • Weather effects – Visibility, day/night, clouds, precipitation, icing, wind, and turbulence
  • Auditory effects – Aerodynamic sounds, including changes in speed and altitude, engine, touchdown and runway rumble, precipitation, crash, and malfunctions
  • Instructor/researcher station – Touch-screen display, map display, positioning, weather condition, and failures control

Please bring a change of clean shoes to each session

There will be a door mat to wipe off excess moisture and shoe trays to place boot/shoes.

If participants are unable to bring a change of shoes to the Sim Lab, we will have shoe covers available to wear prior to entering the simulator.