History, timeline, and reports

The evolution of teaching assessment at the University of Waterloo

Project teams at Waterloo have been conducting background research on teaching assessment processes since 2014, beginning with the first iteration of the Course Evaluation Project Team (CEPT1), followed by CEPT2, the Complementary Teaching Assessment Project Team (CTAPT), and the Task Force on Graduate Supervision (TFGS).


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A shift in organizational culture

These changes represent an immense shift in organizational culture, impacting a variety of stakeholders with specific needs and concerns: students, instructors, department Chairs, administrators, tenure and promotion committees, deans, associate deans, and University leadership. The Teaching Assessment Processes team takes these voices into account while coordinating all the pieces of this important culture shift.

Reports from the TAP Office

The Teaching Assessment Processes (TAP) office undertakes ongoing analysis of Student Course Perceptions (SCP) and other teaching assessment data. Reports outlining findings will be added as they are completed.

Historical Reports

The following table lists links to reports related to the development of assessment processes specific to graduate supervision (GS), teaching dossiers (TD), peer review (PR), student course perceptions (SCP), as well as background research (BR).

Report (link) Year Author BR SCP PRT TD GS
Peer Review of Teaching Details and Report Template (PDF) 2022 CTAPT     x    
Comparative analysis (PDF) 2021 TAP   x      
Faculty consultations: peer review 2021 CTAPT     x x  
Pilot test - data analysis report 2020 CEPT2   x      
Interim Report to Senate 2020 CTAPT     x x  
Backgrounder: Methods for the Assessment of Teaching 2019 CTAPT x        

Teaching Effectiveness Survey Results

2018 CTAPT x        
Dimensions of Teaching Effectiveness: Links to the Literature 2018 CTAPT x        
Backgrounder: Defining Effective Teaching 2018 CTAPT x        
Focus group report: student consultations 2018 CEPT2   x      
Focus group methodology 2018 CEPT2   x      
Final report, phase 1 2016 CEPT1   x      
Comparing sample course evaluation questions with existing question sets used by Waterloo faculties (PDF) 2016 CEPT1 x        
Mapping sample common scaled questions to foundational sources (PDF) 2014 CEPT1 x