Peer Review of Teaching (PRT)


  • Complementary Teaching Assessment Project Team (CTAPT) was struck in 2018
    • Response to Faculty Association requests for holistic methods of teaching assessment.
    • CTAPT’s work spanned 4 years and included numerous campus-wide consultations.
    • Recommendations were endorsed by Senate in June 2022.
    • Teaching Assessment Processes (TAP) office was tasked with implementing Senate-endorsed recommendations.
      • Implementation logistics only; not responsible for decision making.
  • WHY do institutional processes for PRT matter?
    • Consistency in how PRT is practised across Faculties will increase equity of the process.
    • Increased equity reduces risk to the institution for grievances.

CTAPT's reports and documents are available on  the History, Timeline and Reports page.

Details about the process and the 2024 soft launch are available on the Peer Review of Teaching Frequently Asked Questions page.