Cayley MacArthur

PhD candidate

Cayley MacArthur
Cayley MacArthur is a PhD candidate supervised by Mark Hancock in Systems Design Engineering. Her interest in human-computer interaction (HCI) began as an undergraduate in the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration program where she explored the intersection of rhetoric, semiotics and the user experience design process. As an MA student in the English department, she worked with Neil Randall and became a member of the Games Institute before pursuing a joint program with Systems Design Engineering co-supervised by professor Hancock, allowing for deeper integration of feminist and linguistic theory with research in the HCI field.

Cayley’s interest in service has lead to a number of engagements in the HCI community with a focus on equity initiatives, such as serving as inclusion & accessibility co-chair of CHIPLAY 2020, equity co-chair of CHI 2019, assistant to the general chairs for CHI 2018, other involvement including SV co-chair at ISS 2018, and local commitments such as serving as a graduate representative on the University of Waterloo Women in Engineering Committee, interfacing with undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, outreach, and HeForShe activities.

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