Haoqian Yu

PhD student
Haoqian Yu

Home University: University of Guelph

Email: hyu18@uoguelph.ca

Education: BA History, Illinois Wesleyan University; MA History, Georgetown University

Research Fields: Northeast Asia, Manchukuo, Frontier History, Social History

Supervisor: Norman Smith

Haoqian's academic pursuits have centered on various aspects of Chinese history. For his bachelor’s research, he explored the life experiences of Japanese settlers in Manchukuo between 1931 and 1943. In his master’s research, he delved into the Chinese Eastern Railway Incident of 1929 and examined the interplay between communism and Chinese nationalism. Currently, Haoqian is pursuing his Ph.D. and focusing on the social transformations that occurred in Chinese boundaries during the "Intrude Northeast China" period. Looking ahead, he plans to investigate the relationship between the Han regime in Jilin and the Qing Dynasty's frontier governance.