Essay Prizes

Essay Prize Description

Each year at the Annual Conference, the Tri-University Graduate Program in History awards two essay prizes. 

The PhD Prize is given to the best paper published by a doctoral student in the previous calendar year. 

The MA Prize is awarded to the best paper written for a Tri-University MA seminar in the previous fall semester.

The awards are decided by a jury of three professors, one from each university in the Tri-U.

Hands typing on laptop. Photo by Kaitlyn Baker, Unsplash.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Essay Prize Winners

2024 Essay Prize

PhD Student

Dorota Kupis - The Political Struggle behind the Delgamuukw Case: The 1994–96 Trilateral Treaty Negotiations with the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en, published in BC Studies.

2023 Essay Prizes

PhD Student

Thomas M. Littlewood - Failure to Launch: Canadian Federal Government Attempts at Memorialising the Second World War, 1945-1967, published in Canadian Military History. University of Guelph

MA Student

Austin Foster, "Development and Application of Racial Theories in the British Empire (1800-1900)," a paper submitted to Norman Smith's HIST*6370 Topics in Cultural History: Women, War and Nation class, Fall 2022, University of Guelph.

2022 Essay Prizes

PhD Student

Eric Story - The Indigenous Casualties of War: Disability, Death, and the Racialized Politics of Pensions, 1914–39, published in The Canadian Historical Review.

MA Student


Megan Hamilton, "Liberal Intentions and a Colonial Mindset: The Imperial War Graves Commission in East Africa," a paper submitted to Katherine Bruce-Lockhart's HIST 605 Global Governance in Historical Perspective class, Fall 2021, University of Waterloo.

Honourable Mention

Sarah Campbell, "Sex is Everywhere: The Historiography of Postwar German Sexuality," a paper submitted to Catherine Carstairs HIST*6360 History of Sexuality and Gender class, Fall 2021, University of Guelph.

2021 Essay Prizes

PhD Students

Dan Attrell - Honoring the Outermost: Saturn in Picatrix, Marsilio Ficino, and Renaissance Cosmology, published in Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural.

Emily B. Kaliel - co-authored with Karissa R. Patton, "Building Community and Transforming Knowledge: Histories of Women's Health Practitioners and Community-Based Health Services in 20th-Century Alberta, Canada," published in Canadian Bulletin of Medical History.

MA Student

Georgia Gingrich, “From Contact to Colonialism: A Historiography of Indigenous Health and Disease in Canada," a paper submitted to Susan Neylan's HI625A Indigenous Peoples within Canada: First Nations' Histories class, Fall 2020, Wilfrid Laurier University.

2020 Essay Prizes

PhD Student

Lisa Baer-Tsarfati - Gender, Authority, and Control: Male Invective and the Restriction of Female Ambition in Early Modern Scotland and England, 1583-1616, published in International Review of Scottish Studies.

MA Student


Tanroop Sandhu, "Insurgent Doctrine in the First Indochina War," a paper submitted to Alex Statiev's HIST 604, University of Waterloo, Fall 2019.

Alex Wall, "Writing History in Service of the Nation and in Service of the King: A Comparative Analysis of the Historical Works of Juan de Mariana and Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas," a paper submitted to Susannah Ferreira's HIST 6000, University of Guelph, Fall 2019.

Honourable Mention

Matthew Morden, "Britain's Last Great Colonial Revolt: The Historiography of the Mau Mau Revolt and Movement," a paper submitted to Roger Sarty's HI 610, Wilfrid Laurier University, Fall 2019.