The 3rd Interactive Business Dashboard Competition

The 3rd annual interactive dashboard competition, co-sponsored by UW-CISA and the ISACA Toronto Chapter started with 91 teams (all 452 AFM112 students). 24 teams advanced to the second round. During the final round of the competition Dec 15th the top five teams will present their dashboard to a panel of industry and academic experts. The top performing team will receive the $1000 prize sponsored by the ISACA Toronto Chapter.

This year, AFM112 students had to create an interactive dashboard based on the following case:*

“Bebop Grilled Cheese (BGC) is a client of AFM Consulting. BGC is a food services business that operates four specialty food trucks, each with very similar menus across three product categories: main course, snack, and drink. The co-founders share the leadership role. Alex Valentine is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with overall responsibility for operating the trucks on a daily basis. Chris Kanno is the Chief Resource Officer (CRO) with overall responsibility for sourcing employees, menu ingredients, truck and cleaning supplies, and financial resources.

After reviewing the operations report for the fiscal year-ended October 31, 2022, the co-founders asked AFM Consulting for advice. The co-founders provided you with a copy of the operations report for the fiscal year-ended October 31, 2022 (Exhibit 1).  When BGC was founded, they set a target of 70% for gross margin because the food services company margin must cover labor costs for food truck employees as well as other fixed selling, general, and admin expenses.  Both Alex and Chris were surprised when they reviewed the results for the 2022 fiscal year-end.

Exhibit 1: Operations Report
Revenue                                                   1,019,096
Cost of Goods Sold (product Cost)             313,489
Gross Profit (or Gross Margin)                705,607

The co-founders asked your team to analyze the data (approximately 250K, itemized transactions from 11/1/2021-10/31/2022) and help them understand what happened in the 2022 fiscal year and why.  They specifically asked you to develop a dashboard that they could use to monitor sales revenue and gross margin more closely.”

•            Case and synthetic data were developed by Theo Stratopoulos and Nancy Vanden Bosch.