UW CISA and Richter LLP partner in cybersecurity research

Thursday, October 24, 2019

University of Waterloo[1] and Richter LLP partner in cybersecurity research

Waterloo (24/10/19) – As the reliance on information technology increases for businesses and individuals, so has the challenge to maintain information security. The UW Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (UW CISA) is excited to announce its collaboration with Richter LLP in the research and education in cybersecurity issues.

The collaboration will fund research on cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, management of cybersecurity initiatives, and reporting on cybersecurity controls. The initiatives will go beyond the research of technological weaknesses and solutions to addressing organizational and individual vulnerabilities and the methods of addressing them.

Efrim Boritz, executive director of the UW CISA, believes that “the collaboration with Richter has provided the Centre with the opportunity to conduct innovative research that has the potential to have a meaningful impact on industry and professional practice.”

Richter has helped companies in identifying employee vulnerabilities and guides the development of solutions to address such weaknesses. A key sector that is a primary target for phishing attacks is the financial industry. Employees from companies in this sector are more vulnerable to attempted breaches by threat actors looking to steal identities and access financial information or assets.

“We want to assist business leaders and owners in protecting their companies, clients and employees. A key component in this is knowledge sharing. Conducting research will help to uncover valuable insights into practices to keep companies and employees safe. We’re proud to collaborate with UW CISA in this endeavour” says Ray Vankrimpen, Partner at Richter.

In its first research collaboration with Richter, UW CISA presented an award-winning paper on the Factors affecting individuals’ susceptibility to cyber attacks. Acknowledging the importance of an organization’s internal control over information security, the research focused on an individual’s susceptibility to phishing attacks within a work context.

Cyber frauds and data breaches can damage business operations and firm reputation, causing significant economic loss and potentially civil enforcement actions and lawsuits as seen recently with the Target and Facebook breaches. Through Richter’s partnership with UW CISA, the research, education, and dissemination of cybersecurity issues can drive creation of new business tools and processes for the betterment of information security risk management.

About Richter LLP

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Matthew Grant
University of Waterloo


[1] Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance