Member publications

The following is a collection of water-related papers and book chapters that Water Institute members have contributed to, ordered by date released online. Note: Authors cited are Waterloo faculty and students. See the original article for the full list of authors.


Pilot-scale comparison of sodium silicates, orthophosphate and PH adjustment to reduce lead releases from lead service lines in Water Research, co-authored by Kimia Aghasadeghi, Sigrid Peldszus and Peter Huck.

Hydraulic tomography analysis of municipal-well operation data with geology-based groundwater models in Hydrogeology Journal, co-authored by Walter Illman.

Institutional contexts and policy discourses: A case of water quality governance in Lake Erie basin in International Journal of the Commons, co-authored by Bereket Isaac and Rob de Loë

Coupled hydrological and geochemical impacts of wildfire in peatland-dominated regions of discontinuous permafrost in Science of the Total Environment, co-authored by Fereidoun Rezanezhad.

Stable bromine isotopic composition of coal bed methane (CBM) produced water, the occurrence of enriched 81Br, and implications for fluid flow in the Midcontinent, USA in Minerals, co-authored by Randy Stotler and Shaun Frape.

Special issue on 3D sensing in intelligent transportation in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, co-authored by Jonathan Li.

Multi-isotopic regional-scale screening on drinking groundwater in Lombardy Region (Italy) in Italian Journal of Groundwater, co-authored by Ramon Aravena.

Melting of Himalayan glaciers and planetary health in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, co-authored by Keith Hipel.

Multiscale short-circuiting mechanisms in multiple fracture enhanced geothermal systems in Geothermics, co-authored by Robert Gracie and Maurice Dusseault.

Beluga whale detection in the Cumberland Sound Bay using convolutional neural networks in Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, co-authored by David Clausi and Andrea Scott.

Endocrine disruptor impacts on fish from Chile: The influence of wastewaters in Frontiers in Endocrinology, co-authored by Mark Servos.

The need to integrate legacy nitrogen storage dynamics and time lags into policy and practicein Science and the Total Environment, co-authored by Nandita Basu.

Isotopically enriched geogenic δ81Br and δ37Cl: Primary evidence for the ascending brine model in Groundwater, co-authored by Shaun Frape.