Navya Nair

Navya Vikraman Nair, PhD candidate in the Collaborative Water Program and School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, has been chosen as one of the top ten Young Water Sustainability Leaders 2024 by The World Water Forum.

This exciting accolade grants Navya the opportunity to represent youth voices alongside peers from across the globe at the 10th World Water Forum, taking place in Bali, Indonesia, from May 18 to 25. Delegates will experience the conference sessions, networking events, and are invited to showcase a presentation on their research findings.

Navya distinguished herself from over 1000 initial applicants, ranked in the top 50 finalists after an intensive bootcamp, and solidified her position in the top 10 by submitting a research paper showcasing critical thinking and research skills demonstrating impactful solutions to pressing water challenges.

Under the supervision of Water Institute member Prateep Nayak and as part of the Vulnerability to Viability (V2V) Global Partnership, Navya's research focuses on innovative strategies for small-scale fisheries and coastal sustainability through water quality analysis. Her work not only integrates ancient wisdom with modern approaches but also delves into the humanistic aspects of engineering, leading her to explore the complexities of social-ecological systems.

"Through my interdisciplinary research approach, I aim to bridge the gap between water quality science and coastal fisheries especially small-scale fisheries management, ensuring sustainable livelihoods while safeguarding aquatic ecosystems,” said Navya.

"My research endeavors to empower local communities with the knowledge and tools to monitor and manage water quality in their fishing grounds, fostering resilience in the face of environmental change. I plan to showcase community-based approaches to water quality monitoring and management combining traditional knowledge and innovation at the World Water Forum, highlighting their importance in achieving sustainable development goals. By applying a sustainability lens to the management of water resources, I strive to promote the long-term viability of small-scale fisheries and their associated ecosystems."

Join us in congratulating Navya on this remarkable achievement and follow her journey as she harnesses the power of tradition toward a sustainable future. Stay updated on Navya's Bali trip on her social media: LinkedIn; X; Instagram.

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 Image by Martin Fuhrmann from Pixabay