Researchers discuss water sustainability at the TD Walter Bean events

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Faculty of Environment hosted a TD Walter Bean high school lecture titled, Water Future: A New Generation of Sustainability Leaders on Thursday June 9, 2022. The lecture is followed by a workshop from June 13 to 15 that will feature Professor Dustin Garrick, University Research Chair of Water Governance at University of Waterloo and member of its Water Institute, along with participants from across Canada and internationally. 

The Water Futures lecture will feature Amber Wutich, 2021 TD Walter Bean professor, Isabel Jorgensen, PhD student, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability, Dax Dasilva, Founder and Executive Chairman ofLightspeed Commerce Inc and Sarah Burch, Canada Research Chair inSustainability Governance and Innovation at Waterloo. 

The lecture, targeted at grades 8 to 12 pupils, brings into focus important environmental issues, and promotes a legacy of community involvement and commitment to youth. The goal is to encourage our youth to get engaged in water sustainability and learn about the opportunities available. 

It will consist of each speaker individually talking about their distinct but complementary interests, and their ongoing research or foundations regarding water sustainability. At the end of the lecture, there will be a campus tour for the students to see what opportunities the University of Waterloo offers.  

On the other hand, the workshop, with its overarching objective to advance cutting-edge research on water conflict and cooperation in the context of water and food security for researchers, will spotlight Professor Garrick and other researchers discuss on the topicWater, Sustainability, and the Commons: Pathways for Food and Water Security. 

Approximately 20 scholars made up of mid-career and graduate students, including Professor Wutich and participants across Canada and internationally will take part in the workshop.

The three-day workshop is an opportunity for water sustainability researchers to scale up interdisciplinary research initiatives focused on sustainable water and food transitions, leveraging a set of existing networks and building a common agenda.

Professor Garrick will bring expertise in water economics and governance and global networks addressing water and food insecurity. Discussions will examine hot spots of water conflict, new models' cooperation between cities and rural regions, and promising pathways for managing water and food systems that better account for sustainability and social justice.

This workshop and the lecture are in line with the Faculty of Environments' strategic goals. The research being developed on water sustainability and resource management creates solutions needed to address complex water scarcity challenges facing the world today.

Both events will provide campus and community leadership in environmental and sustainability research, education, and knowledge mobilization.

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This article was originally published by the Facuty of Environment.