Undergraduate and graduate courses relevant to microbiology are already offered in departments of WCMR-associated faculties at the University of Waterloo. Course offerings can be found in the undergraduate calendar and graduate calendar respectively.

Waterloo Student and Microbiology (WatSAM)

The WatSAM is an extension of the WCMR aimed at promoting the education of students, both undergraduate and graduate, in the field of microbiology. All students interested in microbiology-related topics are welcome to join.

Students who wish to join the club can follow us on social media to keep track of any future events.


The Waterloo iGEM is a team that competes in the international Genetically Engineered Machine competition, which requires teams to modify naturally occurring genetic components to create unique genetic regulatory networks which execute a desired function using synthetic biology. Numerous faculties in the WCMR support the Waterloo synthetic biology iGEM team.

Environmental Microbiology Journal Club

WCMR is a sponsor of the Environmental Microbiology Journal Club, organized by Prof. Laura Hug. For every event hosted by the WCMR and the Environmental Microbiology Journal Club, an individual selects an article of interest and provides a brief overview of the main findings and implications of the work- a group discussion follows. Contact her to join the mailing list, and look at the calendar of events.

WCMR logos and email signatures

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